UG Labs:

Network Theory Lab:

Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes-12 No. s, Regulated Power Supplies-10 No.s, Function Generators-5 No.s, Harmonic Spectrum Analyzers Digital Multi meters-10 No.s, Different types of Experimental kits, Different ranges Ammeters and Voltmeters.

Electro Mechanics Lab: (I & II)

Field Regulators 14 No.s, DC Motor- Generator set 6 No.s,DC motor-Alternator sei 4 No.s, DC motor 6 No.s, AC motor 8 No.s, Transformers 30No.s, Tacho meters 13 No.s

Power Electronics Lab:

Regulated Power Supplies-4 No.s Firing circuits 10No.s, Convertor kits 11 No.s, 10:1 probes 26No.s,Dual Trace Oscilloscope 13 No.s,Computers-33 No.s.

Control System Lab:

Regulated Power Supplies-4 No.s Synvhro Transmitter receiver set, servo stabilizer, Function Generators 6No.s Servo motors 2 No.s Dual Trace Oscilloscope 4No.s .

Electrical Measurements and Testing Lab:

Bridge kits 5No.s, Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes-4 No.s, Energy meters 4No.s, Function Generators-3, Electronic Reference Meter, Galvano meters-16, LVDT trainer kit, Multi Meters-10, megger-2,oil test set, Potential meters-14 Regulated Power Supplies-10 No.s, Transformers-16,Transformer turns ratio set

PG Labs:

Power Convertors Lab:

BLDG motors-4, SR Induction motors-2,Convertot kits-10,DC motors 4.

Simulation lab:

Computers 30No.s,MATLAB-7.0.4 software, Multisim-8.0 software ,PSPICE software,10KVA UPS.

All the labs were well equipped with advanced equipments and furniture with worth rupees 90 lacks.