Year of Establishment of the Department: 2004

The department of mechanical engineering was established in the year 2004 with an intake of 60 at graduate level and M. TECH(CAD/CAM) was introduced in the year 2012 with an intake of 18.

The mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that service society througl the analysis, design and manufacturing of systems at all size-scale that combine energy materials and information to produce useful mechanical items is as vital in the 21" century Because energy and mobility are the lifeblood of our society and economy. We take grea pride in our mastery of the delicate balance between the practical and theoretical, betweer educating a large number of students of very diverse back grounds/talents and the personalized attention shown to different learning styles between ever changing technology and workplace needs and immutable core topics of the discipline, between fostering student. creativity and discipline required for engineering profession.

The department is manned by well experienced faculty of 11 out of which 6 ratifiec with 2 Associate professors, 1 sr. Assistant professor (Sel.Gre), 2 sr. Assistant professor and 6 assistant professors. Among this 3 faculty are having more than 14 years teachinc experience in our institute and other 3 members are having more than 6 years teachinc experience. We have 7 non-teaching staff members with well experienced in industry a~ well in our institute.

The department has well equipped laboratories worth of 1 crore. We strive to provide the highest quality of education to our students with values and culture. Our main goal is providing leading undergraduate and graduate mechanical engineering learning environment. Equipment wise and staff wise department is outstanding as opined by various committees like AICTE AND JNTUH.


  1. Our final year students of 2008-12 batch had done 6 live projects.
  2. This final year students (2009-13)presently doing 8 live projects in our college labs.
  3. Three of our staff members pursuing Phd and presented papers in National and international conferences.
  4. Our present third year students M Uday kumar sahoo, GBalakrishna, mr.M.Akhil,V.Dileep, vamshikrishna are participated in the "ROBOOCEANA" conducted by IIT, MADRAS
  5. Our staff members attended STTP and Workshops conducted by IIT. MADRAS. IIT, KANPUR