Designation:Assistant Professor
Department: EEE
Qualification:B.TECH(EEE), M.TECH(HVE), (Ph.D)
Experience:8+ Years
Mobile: **********

SVES Faculty Profile




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1. A two day workshop on “Developments in high voltage Engineering and power System” at Ramappa Engineering college, Warangal on 23rd¬ to 24th December 2010.

2. One day faculty development workshop on “Teaching in a Technology Enabled world-challenges and opportunities” at Exhibition grounds, Hyderabad on 15th march 2013.

3. One week faculty development program on “Advances in power Electronics and Drives” at Department of Electrical Engineering, University College of Engineering, Hyderabad during 12th to 17th May 2014.

4. A workshop on “Research Methodology” at K L University, Vijayawada from 08th July to 11th July 2014.

5. One day workshop on “Power System Deregulation-Recent trends” at Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, JNTUH college of Engineering, Hyderabad on 26th July 2014.

6. A short term Course on “Flexible AC Transmission Systems” at K L University, Vijayawada from 01st December to 07th December 2014.

7. A short term Course on “Electrical Machine Modeling Analysis ” at K L University, Vijayawada from 08th December to 13th December 2014.