Brief Overview

Aside from the regular academics, the VOICE - Voice Of the Ideal College Environment as tagline is a place to explore, skills to be learned and develop caring relations. VOICE is an invaluable road-map to the next stage of student life in SVEC-Suryapet.


  1. The CLUB is to foster love for English language and to enhance literary creativity ,expression ,Ideas and provide an avenue for self-expression irrespective of the regular curriculum.
  2. The Voice club generates rhetoricians out of engineers and promotes literary awareness to develop proficiency in the English language.
  3. The competitive and noncompetitive events that are conducted by the association will mould the students to actively participate and develop the existing skills.
  4. This club triggers and provides an aura for students to explore ,experiment ,experience and evaluate their potential.


  1. Every year new members will be admitted only through the screening test.
  2. The club organizes a program every Saturday between 03:30-04:30 pm for the members.
  3. The members should attend at least one program in a month. The frequent absence from the club activates will lead to the cancellation of membership.
  4. The student should participate in any event related to the club only after getting the prior permission from staff coordinators.


  1. The club makes efforts to facilitates the budding engineers of the campus and to improve the communicative skills of the aspiring students at all the levels.
  2. Unlike the formal teaching ,the club activities and sessions are designed to provide an atmosphere through fun and participation.


  1. Oration/Public speaking activities
  2. JAM
  3. Extempore/GD
  4. Debate
  5. Skit
  6. Elocution
  7. Mono Acting
  8. Miming
  9. Poster Making
  10. Spelling Bee
  11. Photography/Short films
  12. What.? Why.? How.?
  13. Think Different…!

The club also conducts model examinations like

  1. GRE
  2. TOFEL
  3. IELTS
  4. Banking and other Competitive Exams


  1. VOICE CLUB PRESENTATION(pptx) Click on the link to download ppt
  2. VOICE CLUB PRESENTATION(pdf) Click on the link to download pdf